This is what I found after 20 years. A car I started in high school still where I left it In a barn.
I met up with the owner of this barn & he wanted to know what he should do with what little was left
The barn was scheduled to be torn down and he would like me to decide whether to come and pick it up or send
it to scrap Its been a long year, but it now runs down the road daily with a 5 liter EFI mustang driveline.
Here are some pictures of a guys back yard I visited last spring in Kentucky, he had been "saving" cars
with his dad for years. The woods was filled with nothing but old Fords and parts that lay all around.
Except for a few cars they had kept in their garage, most were just sitting like these ones-down on
the ground rotting away. The white fastback was an original GTA 67, which had
seen its better days. It shared its resting place with about 8-10 other 67-68
fastbacks, two of which were original 390 cars, one had the deluxe interior-covered in mold and mildew.
I would guess there were at least a hundred cars in all, about 40 Mustangs I would say, 4-5 GT's,
a few with deluxe interiors and a couple of convertibles. They also seemed to like early
Ranchero's and Torino's, they even  had one Cobra Jet Torino fastback.