These 2 mustangs have been sitting in an abandoned gas station for at least 25 years.  They both appear to be relatively straight and rust free.  They used to share the space with a Cherry 1968 Shelby GT 500 Convertible and numberous other musclecars scattered throughout the building.  Thankfully the Shelby was moved to a storage unit around 10 years ago.  The owner lives nearby.  They are not for sale and he has no plans to restore any of them.  I'd love to take photographs of them all, but the owner is not a pleasant person.  Josh

    I spotted this Shelby in Texas while up there working.  They guy obviously had a lot of cars and knew what he had.  He also had a bad case of "I'm gonna fix it someday".  Oh well.  Carroll Shelby would be sick.
  I first found this 70 Boss 302 Mustang in 1989.  Guy stated he would never sell.  11 years later I asked him again.  He said he would sell it but needed some time to think about a price.  I gave him 3 months.  I called him back to find out that he was going to sell his other mustang (it was a 67 GT 390 4-speed convertible mustang).  I was sick I hung up the phone really angry!  About an hour later I called him back.  I stated that I would really like the boss and that I would do the car justice.  He said well here is the deal, the guy who was buying the convertible tried to get him to take 8 grand and he wanted $8500.  He said he was a little mad about that.  He then said "tell you what, he is coming back down here next weekend.  Who ever comes up with the cash first gets one or the other.  I said I will be there tomorrow.  I loaded the boss and was on my way.  It is now up and going and looks great.  The other guy was shocked to find out he lost the convertible for trying to be cheap.  Robert in MT
1968 Cougar is very rust free, no motor or trans, but has hide away headlights, bucket seats and power steering.  Sitting in a junk yard in Jersey.