Here is a 1971 Torino Cobra that was sitting on the side yard of my Dads house for the last 15 years with only the wind shield to protect it from the elements.  I rescued her and now she is safe in my garage undergoing a little work.  Surprisingly the rust and rot isn't too bad.  The 351 C ran about 5 years ago, and now the engine is completely torn apart for a complete rebuild.  Mark

  I found this 197? Ford Grand Torino about 8 years ago.  Every day, while walking to school I see it sitting there looking sadder and sadder.  I am pretty sure it has a 351 Windsor.  I am not sure though.  anyways it is full of old A&W Garbage.
  68 Ranchero with a 351 Cleveland.  The body is virtually rust free and the interior is awesome.  Just another car that my grand father bought and left in the barn.  It's been in that same spot for around 15 years.