I went to look at this car the other day and it is the worst car I have come across.  This is a 67 Mustang Fastback.  Motor was a cyl and trans was an auto.  The son emailed me and asked if I was interested in a Mustang in need of restoration.  It has been sitting in the elements in NJ since 88.  They used the interior to store junk and charcoal briquettes.  The car was sitting almost flat on its frame.  Everything was rotted.  Good news is that I told some Mustang people about the car and they are going to remove whatever useable parts left, so some of this car will live on.
Mustang in Georgia
      My Son and I located this Mustang along side a secondary road parked in a power line right of way in WV.  We located the owner (a Politician) and he said he plans to restore the pony someday.  It has been parked since 85 and is starting to take on water inside.  Otherwise the car is solid bumper to bumper.
This 68 Mustang Shelby GT 350 has been sitting in PA since I was a kid.  I always heard a story of a shelby in some backyard on blocks rotting away.  I found it.  289 W Paxxton supercharger 4-speed and an electric overdrive.  Guy bought it before Vietnam and came back and "will restore someday".