This is a Torino GT 351c, 4v, top loader, 4 speed, 9" locker.  1 Owner w only 85,000 miles.  Petty Blue and has been resting here in TN since 1984.  What a waste!

I have a friend in the Seattle area of Washington that has a 3 ring notebook filled with notes on where Mustangs have been hidden in the Northwest, ranging from Canada down to Southern Calf, and over to Montana.  I put his book to the test and asked him if he had heard of any Fastbacks in the Spokane area, about 300 miles from where he lives.  He told me of a few sightings, but gave me an address of where he had heard there were 2 early model fastbacks.  65 or 66 he wasn't sure, he had no info on either of them.  So he gave me an address and the next morning on my way to work I checked it out.  After finding the huge building that looked abandoned, I worked my way through some weeds and found around the back of the building, just as he said, there were 2 Mustang Fastbacks.  I waited until 9am when the building opened and spoke to the owner of the property, found out that one of the cars was rolled and was going to be restored, (hinted that maybe his friend had died in the car that got rolled). The kicker of this was that the car in back, the white one, is an original 66 fastback A-Code GT.  He is going to use that perfectly good car for parts to restore the rolled C-Code fastback.  I told him the A- Code title alone was worth some money, but his mind is made up and he is "Going to restore it soon."
Back in 98 a friend and I found this car back in the woods with several others.  We discovered it was an XL with the 406 3x2 setup.  We made a deal with the cars owner, cut down some small trees and drug it out.  When we put it up on blocks, the car collapsed due to the rusty frame.  Still had a lot of good parts though.  Phil