This car has been sitting for years and he won't sell, what a shame in New York too.
This 65 coupe is totally complete with the original hubcaps and air cleaner even sitting in the back seat.  It is a red with black interior and has the 289 2bbl and an auto transmission.  The car backed into its current spot under its own power and apparently could be made to drive in less than an hour, its been sitting for only a year or two, I guess since they replaced the original 289 (which was rusted stuck) with a later 302 I think, and stuck all the 289 external stuff on it.  It has too much bondo and hidden rust, but its definitely restorable.
This car is in the same lot as the next pictures.  On that same lot was an early 70's Torino Super Cobra Jet with a shaker hood and 4 speed and every other desirable option.  Hasn't moved in 10 years but he is still gonna restore it someday.  Also a 67 Galaxie 500 there in restorable shape and a 70 Dodge Charger that I think was an R/T, but totally stripped and the person that has the engine for it won't give it or the title to them so there it sits.  I was able to haul out a pretty rough but fixable 70 Mustang Fastback with a black interior and the grabber green grabber package exterior with a 302 and a 3spd stick.  It is getting fixed up now.
This 67 Mustang Convertible was a 289 2 bbl, 3 speed stick car with a burnt amber exterior and a black interior with a black top.  It was shipped to the Twin Cities DSO which I suppose explains some of the rust.  It had a light front hit and was never fixed for some reason.  When it was originally parked at least 15 years ago it had a top which collapsed from snow after a few years and then the floor rusted out and so I dug through what was left of the top and then the old rotten carpet and was about 3 inches into the dirt before I realized the car had absolutely no floor.  It had sagged to the point that when I opened the drivers door it wouldn't close.  It would need a complete new frame and almost the whole body including fabricating some of the floor center parts that were never meant to rust out so even though the car is complete (glass is rolled down into the doors) its not restorable anymore.