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Here are a few pics of a 70 Mach 1 a friend of mine was trying to buy.
It has a 351 Cleveland (300 hp) motor, top loader 4sp, and a 9in rear. It is for sale
but the owner was kinda unreasonable. So it still sits and rots away, notice
the trunk lid peeling up in the back.
This 67 Galaxie 2 Door Hardtop has been sinking in the mud for over 20 years!! It rests behind the shadow
of a machine shed on a family farm near a busy interstate. Belligerent children with great depravity and
excellent mischief have over the years caused serious damage to the body and time has reeked bloody havoc
  on the pretty blue paint of such a American classic. A machine of solid steal and cast iron slowly rusting away to nothing, brilliant and illustrious chrome that has been reduced to a dull dirty sheen it is still attached to the body
but barley. Why you can almost hear the slopping of mud and the crunching metal as the car sinks
further and further into the black IL. mud! - Ed Jenkins