This is the first Cougar Eliminator: 
An acquaintance mentioned to me that his cousin owns a '69 Cougar Eliminator
 in Oakland Park, Florida. The car has been sitting outside behind a warehouse for over 12 years! 
The Elim is also all apart. The owner started to work on it but ran into a tough time and couldn't 
continue with the work. I had got in touch with him and inquired about the car, he was reluctant
 about selling it and mentioned that he'd already turned down several offers. While I looked at 
the car, I took down the vin # and ordered a vin report from Marti Auto Works in Arizona 
(great info for Ford owners). The report verified that it was a true Eliminator among other 
options listed. After some more research, I found that the car was originally ordered in a fleet of 
101 by Hertz Rent-A-Car all with the same options and color scheme. The car consisted of:
    351w 4v, FMX, Sunroof, Console, A/C, White Decor Interior, Competition Orange Paint, Handling Suspension,
 P/S and P/B. After negotiating---including a transmission for his truck, we finally worked out a deal. 
I purchased the car and after a few months I was able to rent a storage bay to keep the car inside
 and dry. I sent the vin number to Phil Parcells who runs the Cougar Database Project and he said, 
that is the earliest Eliminator we have in the database. I then got back in touch with Marti Auto Works 
and asked how many Cougars before mine came with the "Eliminator portion"? His response was none---
mine has the lowest vin number, making it the first Eliminator! I guess I am the lucky one to find this 
bucket--ha ha ha. My plans for the car are to bring it back to stock in a concourse state---
then maybe I'll have to go with the oversized glass display box. - Mark Piechowski

Below:  A Shelby Daytona coupe - these are real, the lady who owned it burned her
self to death and always through out her life refused to sell even for  half a million - Zane G.

Update: In your collection of Fords there is a pic of Shelby Daytona on page 35.....Well I told one of
 my friends about this car. He was like holy crap!...I think I know the car you are talking about. 
He showed me this link to Car and Driver:   Click here to Read    Thanks, Anthony Williamson

This is a '69? Cougar GT 351C with a sunroof and leather interior. Sat outside for years.
The original owner had passed away and his brother never got around to working on it.
Finally decided to sell it and it was rescued by a collector in the Dakotas. The funny
thing was the car transporter driver offered much more money on the spot, but the seller was
honest enough to tell him the deal was already done. -Cecomp 1

Above: 73 Torino GT sitting behind the local watering hole for the last 8 years. -Dave O.
Below: Here is a  '66  Mercury Cyclone GT that has been sitting in this cow pasture along with a couple
other cars for at LEAST  15 years.......It is BEYOND repair ......the frame is rusting and it is
REAL rough inside.......Thanks for a GREAT website!!!  -Chris