'69 Mach 1, 351 Windsor,  4BBL, 4-speed. Real nice black interior, that the mice haven't got into yet.
Many people have tried to buy it, but it's not for sale, you know the old routine ! - Paul

This 70 mach 1 is setting in a NY junk yard a grabber green big block car . . .
All you need is a shovel and a flat , what a shame, Scott.
This 1968 GT 390 4spd sits beside an equally impressive early 60's Continental in upstate New York.
Both are in great shape, relatively speaking.  The GT is 100% complete and has looked as it looks in this
picture for as long as I can remember.  I spoke to the fellow who owns the Mustang and told him to name
his price.  He told me to forget about it.  I swear...at the time, I was prepared to pay him 2 or 3 times what
it was worth.  Besides the damage to the front left fender, lower valiance and bumper, the body was in
Fantastic shape. I hope this one is saved. - Jeremy
Below: I found this 69 mach 1 in a driveway in London, Ontario. It s a 351 Cleveland.
surface rust and bit of duct tape sealing the window seemed like a very solid car. Owner wasn't home
but the car is in plain view on a fairly busy street so I'm sure he's had plenty of offers.