I first saw this car over 6 years ago. The for sale sign  in the window was very faded and now
has turned completely white. When the picture was taken the owners wife came out and said that
her husband no longer wanted to sell the car. The car is located in Big Bend, WI - Claude
This is a picture of a 68 ford mustang. Its a ways down the street from me and it was for a while in the
garage and when they were doing renovations they moved it to the car port outside. The guy that owned it
was very nice and told me that he bought the car new. It still has the original 289 V8 in it. He started doing a
resto on it the got in a skiing accident and never got back to finishing it.  He won't sell it cause as
soon as he gets his garage finished he's going to finish the car. The car has been sitting since 1977 - Jon
Here is my barn...guess I am guilty of letting a ford or two "sink"....The
yellow mach 1 was a Q code and nice car until 1982 when slammed into by a
truck...I am in the process this year of restoring it  - John Price
Here is my car that I found in a barn 3 years ago. 1971 Boss 351. I traded for it and have
collected all parts to rebuild. It goes to the paint shop this week!  - Richard
Here's a 1969 Mach I, 390 4-speed, laying' dead in the lake community I live in. As far as I was told,
the guy bought it, registered and insured it, even went for personal QQ plates (69 Mach), and here it sits.
Never driven. Super nice car, starting to look sad (paint fading, rust on chrome, etc.) - Dave O.