A 351 powered Torino GT, in Northern Ontario. It was sitting too close to a house that burned down,
thereby scorched it's tail. It was completely covered in the foliage the next time I saw it.
Despite being next to the TCH, nobody has moved this car. -Robin McQueen
This is a picture of our new baby.  When we got it, it was in pieces.  We got the frame and chassis
from one side of a barn and had to hunt up the rest in the other part of the barn.  Had about twelve inches
of clearance all the way around it in the barn.  It was tough to put wheels on in such a small area. 
Then we had to drag it up on the trailer with no steering, in the middle of a thunder storm.
Lucky find though there was only about five thousand of these produced in 72.  My thirteen and
fourteen year old daughters call it their car and want me to paint it yellow and replace the white interior.
I just want to drag it and show it but mostly keep it!  Great site!  We'll keep you up to date.  Mark and Pamela
Stumbled across this unusual Ford. 1963 Ford Custom 300, 427 4 speed car..
Elderly owner is "going to restore it one day". Sadly, I won't hold my breath waiting. -Lee
Hi, hope you can use these ! This is a 1962 Galaxie 500 sitting  south of Ft
Worth ,TX in an old tin shed . It belongs to a friend at work whose brother
owns it and  bought it new, and parked it here in 1978. As you can see it is
complete ! It is a 292, 4 spd ( which he took out of his other car which had
a 406 ) I asked to buy it several times- NO ! The owner has recently put up
a new shop and wants to bring her in and back to life !!!   Ron