Here's a pic of a Mach 1 that I saw sitting in a salvage yard. There's not much left of it.
Was a four speed car and that's about all I could tell about the car.
Here is a 67 fastback we found in a field in Arkansas.  My friend remembers this car sitting there in 1983. 
We went back to look at the car and see if it was worth restoring a few weeks ago.  There was a tree
growing through the hood, one through the trunk, and believe it or not one growing through the rear
shock bolt hole.  Everything is gutted except for the fold down back seat and the rear panels.
From one of the pictures you can see that the roof is caved in, we just pounded on it with our fists from
the inside and it popped out.  The old farmer who owned the land said we could buy the car for $100.......
We talked him down to $60. :-)
The saddest part about this story is the conversation we had with this gentleman.
He explained to us if we had been there two weeks earlier, that there were over 200 40's 50's and 60's
cars sitting in his field across the street.  He said there was about everything out there, 57 Chevy's, Cadillac's,
old ford 2dr coupes...ect. They had been sitting there for over twenty years.  He showed us
a stack of titles for all the cars.   His wife was tired of looking at them, so he got 50bucks a car and
they all went to the crusher.  I felt sick. - Brian