Here's one that was on ebay...hope somebody saves it
I first saw this car before I even knew what a cobra-jet was.  When this photo was taken
in the mid 80's, the car looked like it had been sitting there most of its life.  It was all there,
428, 4 speed, and bench seat !?!  Nobody even popped off the emblems!  Of course, it wasn't for sale.
  Went back recently, the imprint in the ground was all that was left. - Dennis B.
Here's a 1968 Stang that I actually know the history on, as I helped turn the wrenches: it started out
as a stock coupe, the owner rebuilt the 289 and C4 auto. Then some extras were added: front disc set-up,
and a 3.25 9inch posi, both supplied by me. It currently sits behind the owner's father's
store, as he bought a new Mustang. Great donor, or could be rebuilt.