I'm writing to tell you about a 1970 Mach1 that I recently purchased. I know that the
web site is dedicated to cars that can't be purchased, but I think you'll like my story.
I found a 1970 Mach1 that has been stored in a barn for the last 18 years two blocks from my home,
we've been trying to purchase this care for the last ten years, but been getting the same run around
about how he was going to restore it.
It's a one owner car, equipped with a 351 Cleveland and a factory four speed.  The owner tells us that
the car has never been wrecked, but the top has been repainted by ford several times, the owner told me this
was done because originally the car had the rear window louvers and spoiler, which he didn't like so he
had removed.  I bought the car from the original owner who still had the original title and window sticker for
eight hundred dollars. The car has 80,000 miles on it but since it was an original Missouri car it has just
a little rust on the lower part of the quarter panels.
It took eight guys, a tow rope and my dads pickup truck to get it out, there was a tree that grew
from the inside of the building that nintied and went up the side, it was right in the door way of which
the car had to go through to come out.  We had to cut down the tree and drag it out, since the
rear brakes drums were practically welded to the shoes, causing the tires not to spin. After getting
the car on the trailer we took it to a car wash just down the road, to see what the car really was.
After getting the car on the trailer we took it to a car wash just down the road, to see what the car really was.
  We found that it is a 1970 mach1 that originally was Acapoca blue, with white interior, four speed, with the
original hurst shifter, 351C two barrel with air conditioning.  Believe it or not within an hour of having it home,
changing the plugs, oil, bypassing the gas tank with a hose and a gasoline bucket attached to the fuel pump we
had it started and it seems to run fine. The  man who we purchased this car from told my dad, in a conversation
while swapping money for the title, that up until my dad told him that the car was for his twenty year son, he had planned on having it crushed. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.  I hope you enjoy my
story and pictures, and I think I speak for everyone when I say your website is awesome.
Thanks again, Tim Barnett   (St. Louis Missouri) - Great story Tim ! - the Webmaster