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I would like to submit a pic of a  '68 Mustang, I couldn't get a very good look, or pic of the car,
and I don't have much info on this car except what a friend told me about it a few years ago,
he went to try to buy it, and the only response he got was "it isn't for sale, and it never will be".
He said it was a big block, 4 speed manual car. It has been sitting for many years (early to mid '80s).
Just another great one gone to waste... Chris
I'm sending you a pic of a '69 mach1 428cj, auto. it was owned by an 70 year old In a little
town near me ( Callender, Ont) who owned the car since 1972.
He used this car for daily transportation and also on his farm! After talking with him at his farm,
I noticed in the back seat hay! so I asked him what's up? He drove around the farm, hauling hay in it!!!
to his animals, barns, ect... I couldn't believe it! This car is an original 69 mach 1 428 cj car, orig paint, ect....
was in ok shape, but extremely rare and complete. He wouldn't sell it at the time,
but found out about 5 years later he'd sold it to some lucky bastard, who totally restored it.
Anyways, it wasn't a complete wreck, but was on its way for awhile. Hope ya can use my photo...tkx
Above: A couple of Ford Retractables