Hello, Well Ford Fans, here it is! The myth, the legend, the unicorn located in Ohio & I saw it first hand &
took these pictures. I always heard the stories about an old widow who owned an original
"Cobra Convertible" in my area. I just assumed they were talking about an AC Cobra! I was wrong.
One day I was interviewing people for a position I had available when this guy saw my
Shelby pictures on the wall and said, "I know where a Shelby GT500 Convertible is at.
A little old lady has it near my house." I about fell out of my chair. I immediately got directions
and left work shortly after to pay this old lady a visit. When I knocked on the door,
a lady in her 80's answered. Trying to be sly I asked if she had an old Mustang Convertible
in her garage that she would like to sell? She said I don't own a Mustang.
I was puzzled. I said O.K. sorry to bother you thinking the guy told me the wrong house when she said
"I have a Cobra Convertible for sale" I stopped in my tracks & asked her if I could see it.
It had not been on the road since 1972 & had 22,000 miles on it.
She said her & her husband (who had passed back in the 80's) bought the car new!
I almost couldn't contain myself when I asked her how much? It was there & then I had my
dreams shattered when she said $50,000 plus she wanted her house roof replaced &
driveway concrete fixed! Needless to say I declined.
I am sorry, but this car was sent into Carsinbarns before the new owners took the site over.  We have no more information on this car other than what is listed.