1969 Shelby gt 500 Convertible  Found this yesterday in a barn. It is an 85000 mile car all original.

1973 Ford Mach 1. My wife spotted it first as we drove by a farm house here in Michigan, out back behind the house we saw a muscle car and from the road I knew it was a Mach 1 Mustang. We pulled into the driveway and I knocked at the door and an older gentleman answered. I asked him if he was interested in selling his Mustang and he said he wasn't quite ready  to let it go. I asked if he was going to restore it and he said no. What a shame to see this car slowly sinking away forever as you can see in the pic's. He told me it was a 1973 Mach 1 and it was very fast and ran when parked a long time ago. I asked if I could take pic's of it and he smiled and said sure. Wish I had this car or any car like it that needs to be rescued. Bill
I came across this 65 mustang behind a house, from the looks of it. It was a racer at one point, it has a bulged fiberglass lift off hood, racing seats, roll cage, shifter and gauges. It also had some kind of big block but I couldn't get much of a look, the owners weren't around and I didn't want to mess with it, so I didn't want to mess with it, so I will go back another time. Cary