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This is a AMC AMX, 390 Drag Pack car. I almost bought this car in 1983 and didn't get to it in time.
It had been sold. But unknown to me it was sold to a guy just a few houses down. When a friend
of mine developed a subdivision in 1998, lo and behold there it was on the property behind his homes.
I tracked down the owner and he is going to junk it to use the parts for another one he has.
This car has a near perfect body and the engine is strolled all around the car. - Mike B. in Georgia
Here are pictures of a 69 AMX sitting in a Northern Virginia front yard. The
owner refuses to sell it. Says he is going to restore it someday - right.
Check out the weeds. The AMX has been sitting there for about 7 years.
Yup, we find 'em all around here. This Rebel Machine was owned by a friend
back in the mid to late 80's, and then was sold. Here's where it sits. My
friend has tried to buy it back, but the father of the kid who bought it
chased him off the property. These pics were taken at 6:45 A.M., I think
they were all asleep. - Dave O.