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SST Javelin we found in a wreckers in Ontario.... Scott
It has decals on the windshield from Mass. Transit Authority  1984 and the vin # is A9M3 97X246984.
  I didn't find out who owned it but It doesn't seem to have been parked there too long.  Probably some AMC
fans out there could shed some light on the original equipment this car came with and it's rarity.
It's still pretty solid so it may see the road again, or maybe a drag strip, someday.  Thanks, Chris in NS.
Below: Next is a Mark Donohue Javelin,'69 or '70, parked way out back in a Minnesota
junkyard. I almost missed it, it was deep in the weeds. It looked like
someone just parked it there when it was still mint, and forgot about it. - Dan W.
Below: I spotted this solid, stripped AMX in  Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada  I don't know much about them
 but this one was originally dark green with a tan interior, which had buckets and all the dash intact including
clock and a tach. The mileage showed 71573, but it had no engine or tranny, 
and I didn't see if it was a standard or not.