AMC Gremlin X, ex-drag car.  Jersey
      1969 9 AMX, 390 Go Package, 4-speed, 4.10 posi rear, rare tilt column car, Sitting in Jersey.
A 1968 AMC AMX I found rotting in the bush a mile from my house.  (Estimated Hibernation of 12 years)  I bought this car 1 year ago, rebuilt the engine and have sense given up on it to build a 66 Chevelle.  May rebuild it when the Chevelle is finished.  Dan in Manitoba
After talking to a co-worker about AMC's, he said is uncle had an AMC in his shop.  Had been there for about 7 years, said it had a "funny" interior.  Turner out to be a 73 AMX with the Pierre Cardin option.  I saved it.