This old Javelin has been sitting in a field near my Grandfathers cottage since 1979.  When I first discovered the car it was intact including engine and tranny although that was removed during the first summer.  After that the car was turned on its roof, my brother and I pushed it back over, and the car was pushed further back into the bush causing the front end damage.  I don't know why the car was left there, perhaps the owner gave up on it due to the rust issues obvious now with the bondo and patches that have been exposed from the years in bush.  Another wasted old beauty.y.

This 69 SC/Rambler has been sitting since 1987.  The Hurst was used only for drag racing from 81-87 so the tabs show 81.  It has sat under a few tarps since 87.
  1973 AMX that a buddy of mine unearthed locally, just when you think you have found them all, another pops up.  Jason