1971 Javelin AMX with a 401, 4-speed, go-package, which consisted of the cowl induction air system, power disc brakes and the Twin Grip rear end along with other items.  I found this car again for the second time about a month ago.  It is 1 of 745 AMX's produced with the 401 in 1971.

1971 Javelin SST Got it from a guy I used to work with. It's been in WY since 83. I picked it up in July of 2003. It had been sitting in a barn for approximately 18 years. Later that year the barn caught fire. No damage to the car. It's now in my shop awaiting an engine transplant & restoration. Jeff

My friend purchased this car in the early 80's.  Drove it for a while and then primed it, stripped it then purchased extra parts.  Enough to build a second car.  And here it sits on his farm waiting for him to do something.  It is a 74 AMX Javelin.  Had a 401 with a 3-speed in it.  Over the years he was willing to sell it if you would give him his price.  So, here it keeps on sitting on pallets in the weeds, in Minnesota.  Tom